Testimonials – Breathe Me Yoga


 Mark Pheely | Owner, Westside Yoga

"Personally I have found that the mats have a perfect blend of support, grip and comfort. They feel firm and stable and yet provide a level of luxuriousness that is missing in many other mats."

Sara Rice | Owner, Ocean Love Yoga

"Sunday bliss on my #pranawheel and my beautiful #breathemeyoga mat designed by the beautiful Breathe Me Yoga."


"I am absolutely smitten with this beautiful piece of art! Thank you"

Victoria Chantra

"I received the amazing gift from the talented @breathemeyoga. This beautiful mat created from her hand painted artwork. A labour of love. I kept it in its box for over a week, worried that I'd ruin its perfection, wanting to bottle the love and gratitude I felt when it was given to me. But this mat was made for usin'! I finally let it out of the box this week, and have been wrapped in love and gratitude all though my practice. Thank you Breathe Me Yoga for inspiring me to choose love."


Super excited... Thank you Breathe Me Yoga I love my new yoga mat, can't wait to use it!!

Danielle Maree Martin

"I looooove mine, thanks to my awesome hubby for Christmas."

Nicole de Malmanche

"So happy with my new Breathe Me Yoga mat! Still in awe that it's hand painted and designed here in Melbourne."

Sami Bloom | Health & Bloom

"This insanely beautiful yoga mat is by Breathe Me Yoga. My boyfriend bought it for my birthday. Has the best grip, is hand-painted & is eco-friendly."


"The mat provides amazing grip! So much so I was able to deepen and lengthen my stretches and achieve asanas I normally have trouble with, as well as my balance poses without falter."