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Evolve Yoga Festival - 25th October

Breathe Me Yoga can't wait to be apart of the Evolve Yoga Festival marketplace. Join us for a magical day celebrating all things yogic!  Evolve brings together over sixty renowned presenter, a vibrant array of markets, food and music to inspire our yoga community.  25th October, 8:00am - 6:00pm.Abbotsford, Melbourne.Entry to the marketplace is free to the public.  Breathe Me Yoga will be offering a special marketplace discount on the day. Join us at the festival to redeem this offer and meet the team!   Evolve Yoga Festival

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Breathe Me visited Wanderlust yoga festival

Wanderlust Squaw Valley had it all. Music, wellness, boutiques, meditation, sup, camping, sunrises and sunsets, hiking, food, wine, outdoors, slack roping, mountains, gondolas, pool parties and so much YOGA!   The layout of the festival was spread out and designated activities lead you to different areas of the Olympic park, new people and journeys. There was a surprise around every corner!  I absolutely loved the festival and I am already looking forward to my next Wanderlust adventure. 

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