Breathe Me yoga mats now available at AYA Seddon! – Breathe Me Yoga

Breathe Me yoga mats now available at AYA Seddon!

We are thrilled to now have our Breathe Me yoga mats available at the Australian Yoga Academy in Seddon. Drop by the studio to view our Breathe Me mat collection and take part in one of the amazing classes AYA has on offer! 
We are proud to included Mark Pheely, Co-owner & Teacher, Breathe Me mat review:
"Personally I have found that the mats have a perfect blend of support, grip and comfort. They feel firm and stable and yet provide a level of luxuriousness that is missing in many other mats. They grip well in sweaty conditions and the wicking quality is terrific. They perform equally well in both high intensity yoga as well as the more grounded practices like Yin Yoga. This combined with an artistic design make them a very unique mat. I am personally very happy to recommend Breathe Me Mats."

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